Niohuru X

“Pain is bread, blood is wine
Sprouting from his dying bed
She is the new god
Horny evil
Sucking on
Tender nipples”



Anya Kochergina

“The idea of makeup came to me spontaneously. But when I have started to analyze why I had used such a shape and colors, I realized that this image reflects everything that is happening in my head and soul over the past few months. (February 24, the war in Ukraine began)
Every century there are major wars. One country try to prove its superiority over another country by killing and destroying each other. At this moment, someone is getting richer, and someone is getting poorer, someone is hiding from bombs, and someone is drinking their favorite coffee, sitting in their favorite cafe. The struggle for power, superiority and resources by way of war always leads to death and destruction
It seems that history does not teach us anything. And it seems that everything moves in a spiral. Humankind has learned how to transplant organs, fly into space, communicate and work from different parts of the earth here and now, but has not learned how to live in peace.”

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